Friday, November 11, 2011


5 Stars
Hope for the start of a new series
- Amy Willingham

`Yesterday's Daughter' by Sallie Lundy-Frommer is a new form of paranormal romance written with such a refreshing style that Ms. Lundy-Frommer should take a bow for her creativity and uniqueness in story. This is not your typical boy meets girl vampire story, so don't except to see glittering bodies, but a story filled with betrayal, love, friendship, and finding who you really are.

Grace Stone was found as a small girl wondering the streets with no memories of her family or who she was or where she came from. Because the police couldn't identify her, she was put into the foster care program where she bounced around until the age of 17 where she decided she had enough of the system and wanted to break out onto her own. But Grace is unique, she thinks she is a vampire, after her early childhood years she started to experience an extreme sensitivity to sunlight and started to crave blood. Afraid that people would lock her up thinking that she was crazy, Grace keeps to herself and works the night shift at the morgue always trying to keep a low profile. Everything changes for Grace when she meets Malachi and her real destiny is revealed to her. Malachi is a Guardian of the vampire community and has been searching for Sapphira, Grace, for many decades even though everyone has though that was killed in an accident when she was a small child. Malachi has never given up his search and now that he has found Sapphira it is his duty to tell her of her past, her family, and her destiny with her true people. But vampires are not the only things in the world that Sapphira must be made aware of for there are Harvesters, humans who drain vampires and drink their blood for longer lives, who will stop at nothing to catch a female vampire.

Filled with secrets, and betrayals that will shock you just as much as they shock the characters `Yesterday's Daughter' opens a whole new world in what I hope is the 1st book of the start of a series. Ms. Lundy-Frommer has built a world and characters that the reader only has just begun to explore and with the threat of a whole new species of Harvesters I can only hope that a 2nd book is in the works. This work is age appropriate for young adult and even teens for even though it might be graphic at times it is done very tastefully. I definitely would pick up a copy of `Yesterday's Daughter' for you will not be disappointed!


5 Stars
Yesterday's Daughter
- Shianne Young

This is a great book! It's a must read! Don't miss it. Tell all your friends about this book. Paranormal romance has added a new mistress.


5 Stars
Absolutely amazing!
- Ewelina

This book is amazing.

I have read this book and absolutely loved it!!! !! I am telling everybody about this book and I am sure they will love it!!!

I could not put this book down Excellent work, and my props to the author Sallie Lundy-Frommer.


5 Stars
A definite must read! You will not be able to put the book down.
- GC

A touching story of a young woman's search for her true self. Sallie writes with an honesty that is not often seen in today's romance novels.


5 Stars
A World You Can Escape Into!
- Yoko Hirano

Not being particularly interested in paranormal romance stories, I started reading Sallie's book with curiosity, but not many expectations. I was surprised at how involving and compelling the characters and plot became as I read more and more. Soon, I was "hooked" and was reading with great enjoyment and anticipation of what would happen next! The ending resolved things in a satisfying way, but it also leaves us readers waiting for more-- to be drawn back into this exciting paranormal world and the lives of the characters.


5 Stars
A Must Read! Real Page-Turner. Fantasy AND Thought-Provoking!
- Evelyn

Don't miss this one! Yesterday's Daughter is a real "page-turner!" I'm giving it to friends for Christmas!

Set in our contemporary society as well as the fantasy world of vampires and other supernaturals, it is a tale of loneliness, the search for personal roots, and feelings of not "fitting in," of wars, cultural clashes, prejudice, and passions. It is a story of redemption, devotion, and finding love.

AND - Yesterday's Daughter holds a mirror to contemporary society. We see parallels to our present culture when the heroin finds she is not always accepted because of her mixed heritage, and the terrible consequences that follow. It makes us think about how we feel about people who seem different from us, the assumptions we may make about other groups, and the results of those assumptions.

It is beautifully written, full of suspense, with characters that come to life as the author's great talents take us from today's society to fantasy and back again.

I do not generally read novels, but I love this one. I didn't want this book to end! I miss the characters, and I hope there will be a sequel soon!

I highly recommend this book to all readers.


5 Stars
Great paranormal romance book!
- Rie

I've never read a vampire romance book before, but I was drawn to this book because of the description. I'm glad I took the chance because this is one of the best books I've ever read. I loved the characters, Malachi and Sapphira. Their love story drew me in and I found myself rooting for them as they fight for the future. For those who like paranormal romance, this is a MUST read. I hope Sallie Lundy-Frommer writes a sequel!

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